Document Management

Through a partnership with RJS\HelpSystems Software, Summit Technologies offers WebDocs as a document management solution that helps you streamline business processes and eliminate paper by digitally managing, storing and distributing all your key business content. Use our solution to manage all kinds of electronic documents – IBM i spool files, PC and business system-generated content, invoices, work orders, email, forms  and more.

The software is browser-based, meaning you can access content from anywhere at any time. And key security features restrict access to authorized users only. When you manage your documents with us, you get more time to act on information instead of searching for it. Plus, you save on paper, storage and distribution costs.

Key Benefits

Go paperless!

WebDocs is a complete document management solution that lets you digitally manage, store and access all your important business information. Everything’s in one place where it’s easy to find, use and share.

Save time and money

Forget about manually filing, finding and distributing paper documents. With WebDocs, you can dramatically reduce printing, storage and distribution costs by storing all your documents in an electronic filing cabinet.

Work from anywhere

Whether you’re a small business or large company, WebDocs makes managing documents easy. The system is web-based, which means you can access, use and share files from the office, at home or the road. That gives you the freedom and flexibility to get work done no matter where you are.

Import files from anywhere

WebDocs connects to other business applications so you can electronically store existing IBM i and PC files, emails, faxes, and content generated from your ERP or other back-end systems.

Digitize paper documents

Documents not digital? Just scan and index them. The system works with most stand scanners, including TWAIN, ISIS and Kofax products, and multi-function (MFP) copier/scanner devices.

Find your stuff fast

Information’s useless if you can’t find it. With WebDocs, you can assign multiple search keys to each document, giving you the ability to quickly search for and find the information you need.

Use and share information

Review, modify and route documents to colleagues or clients from anywhere. Every time a document changes, WebDocs creates a new version, so information is never accidentally lost or overwritten.

Works from inside your applications

No need to open your browser to find or save a file in WebDocs. The software can integrate into your business applications and give you one-touch access to the information you need.

Enterprise level security

Your content is always safe thanks to advance security features that log all document activity, restrict document access to authorized users and prevent documents from being overwritten or deleted.

Choose your platform

WebDocs is available in IBM i, Windows, hosted and small business versions.